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      Maintain the functionality and convenience of the eSpring Water Treatment System, with this elegant and sophisticated eSpring Auxiliary Tap.

      What It Does For You

      • Required for below the counter eSpring Water Treatment System (order number 100189)
      • Quick and easy to install and connect
      • Sophisticated modern design with eSpring logo on the base
      • Supplied with all components required for maximum convenience

      Why You Would Like It

      You like the products that you use to be timeless and to fit your style and surrounding, but also to be practical. The official eSpring Auxiliary Tap is tested and perfectly fits the entire eSpring Water Filtration system. Time for a replacement? No special tools are needed to connect it to your eSpring filter and enjoy fresh, clean water at the lift of a lever! The kit comes with all connections and fittings required, so installing it is quick and easy.

      Facts For You

      Ships complete with the tubes and connectors needed to set up and activate the tap.

      Key Features

      Chrome plated exterior body
      Solid metal tear-shaped handle with ergonomic fit for easy on / off activation

      • Modern design fits well with any kitchen design
      • Lengths of tubes: 1m

      How To Use

      Choose the best position for your new eSpring Auxiliary Tap, before connecting it to your eSpring water filter using the inclusive tubes and connectors.

      For any service questions or to claim your warranty, please contact us on +372 8 84 00 75