Create an Amway Recurring Order!

Save time and money - Take shopping your favourites off your to-do list

Save time and money - Take shopping your favourites off your to-do list

Can’t live without a daily dose of selected products? Now you can regularly receive your favourites without the hassle of reordering.

Recurring Orders provides you a FAST, FLEXIBLE and CONVENIENT way to buy products month after month without the stress of re-ordering. The best way to never run out of your favourite Amway products again.


Easy and simple to set up in no time at all


Create and update your Amway Recurring Order to suit you


Your product shipped to you like clock-work


Save 5% on each shipment of your Recurring Order, right from the start.


  • Create a Recurring Order once, have more time for other tasks
  • Flexibly select a shipping date between the 1st and 25th of the month
  • No hidden fees*, easily change or cancel anytim

*Standard delivery fees may occur


The team at Amway have researched our most popular and regular purchases and included over 40 of them in our Recurring Order Program! Now be sure to never run out of your favourite products again! Add them to a Recurring Order and be sure to always have what you need. Simply set and forget!


How do I set-up a Recurring Order?

Creating a Recurring Order is super simple.
To benefit from Amway Recurring Orders you need to be a Registered Customer. First, log into your Amway account. In your Order History, you’ll find the Recurring Order form.

  • Step 1:     Look for the eligible products you love and add them to your Recurring Order.
    Please note: There is a limited list of products available for this service! 
  • Step 2:     Set up your personal delivery schedule.
    Select the start and shipment date that works best for you. Flexibly pick any day between the 1st and the 25th of the month. You can also select the shipment frequency.
  • Step 3:     Select your delivery method.
    You can choose between your home address and a pickup point.
  • Step 4:     Select your payment method.
    Choose your credit card. Please note: The sum will be charged only at the day of ordering.
  • Step 5:     Confirm your information and submit your Recurring Order.
    Done! Now look forward to receiving your favourite items on the selected date.

When does my recurring order end and can I suspend it before?

There is no pre-set end to your Amway Recurring Order. However, you can amend or permanently or temporarily deactivate it at any time. Simply log in to your account, go to the order details or the Recurring Orders page to change the settings of your recurring order.

How can I change my shipping address for Amway Recurring Order?

Please go to your Amway profile. Under My Addresses in My Account you can change your shipping address. Please be aware, that this address will not be automatically assigned to your Recurring Orders. Once added to your profile, you will have to select the address on the Recurring Order set up page as well.

Can I return a product from a recurring order?

Yes, you can return any product following the standard return process.

What delivery intervals are available?

You can choose between monthly, every 2nd or every 3rd month.

Who can I contact with other questions about Amway Recurring Orders?

Please send an email to

What happens, if a product is not available for one of the shipments?

When setting up a Recurring order, you can select if the order should also be shipped if at time of order execution any of the products is temporarily not available.
If this option is not selected and at least one product is unavailable, the order will not be executed and the recurring order will be set on inactive. You can reactivate the recurring order anytime.
To know, when the product is back on stock, you can subscribe for notification on the product page, and then resume the recurring order, changing even the date of next order.

If there is a promotion for a product included in my Recurring Order, will I receive the same benefit?

Yes, any offers in effect at the time a Recurring Order is issued will be applied automatically. Unless specifically mentioned that the promo is applied only to certain channels.