Water Treatment System with existing Tap eSpring™Water Treatment System with existing Tap eSpring™
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Water Treatment System with existing Tap eSpring™

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     For use with your existing tap, the eSpring water treatment system is for use above the counter. The water flows at 3.4 litres per minute, no special tools required.

    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS eSpring™ Water Treatment System:

    ·         Housing Height:327 mm nominal.

    ·         Diameter:178 mm nominal. Constructed of durable, high impact plastic

    ·         Electrical Input:19V DC, 3.16A

    ·         Cartridge(Model No. 100186): Pressed carbon block with internal UV lamp

    ·         Materials:All wetted materials meet U.S. FDA requirements for use in transmitting fluids for human consumption.

    ·         Maximum Operating Pressure: 860 kPa

    ·         Minimum Operating Pressure:104 kPa

    ·         Maximum Operating Temperature: 30° C

    ·         Minimum Operating Temperature: 4.4° C

    ·         Rated Service Flow: 3.4 L per minute at 415 kPa of water pressure with a new cartridge. (Actual flow rate will vary directly with water pressure and the length of time the cartridge has been in service.)

    ·         Rated Service Life:The cartridge is designed to serve the average family’s cooking and drinking water needs for one year or 5000 L, whichever comes first. NOTE: Actual cartridge life will vary with the amount of use and quality of the water supply.

    ·         Installation: Quick and easy.

    ·         Cartridge replacement: Also quick and easy. Can be handled by the user. Does not require returning the water treatment system to the factory for cartridge replacement.

    ·         Testing:System Tested and Certified by NSF International and WQA against NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53 and 55

    ·         Can reduce over 160 contaminants including over 145 potential health effect contaminants:

    o    lead and mercury

    o    particulate down to 0.2 microns  including asbestos, sediment, dirt and scale

    o    33 pesticides and pesticide by-products

    o    13 disinfection by-products 

    o    radon and radon decay by-products in drinking water

    o    9 pharmaceutical contaminants

    o    42 known and/or suspected endocrine disruptors

    o    suspected cancer causing substances (carcinogens) potential to exist in water

    ·         Destroys of >99.99% of waterborne disease causing bacteria and viruses in drinking water (including Coliforms, Pathogenic Bacteria, HPCs, Poliovirus, Rotavirus, and Hepatitus A)

    ·         Improves the taste, odour and clarity of water.

    ·         Improves taste of beverages made with filter water

    ·         Does not remove beneficial minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, and fluoride

    ·         Treats water for drinking and cooking for family of 6 for up to 1 year or 5000 litres (1320 gallons)  whichever comes first (Filter life depends upon filter life and usage)

    ·         Provide an outstanding flow rate, delivering treated water at a rate of 3.4 Litres per Minute

    ·         Convenient, easy to use and maintain

    ·         Uses exclusive patented technology*. (* patented in various European countries)

    ·         Convenient and easily replaceable carbon/UV cartridge

    ·         More convenient and less costly than bottled water.

    ·         Tracks both time and litres used to provide consumers with accurate indication of remaining filter life and peace of mind; system automatically resets itself after filter replacement

    ·         Uses easy-to-understand icons/graphics to display remaining filter life and system status

    ·        Installation flexibility allows the unit to be placed in the most convenient location.

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